Nu Look Beauty and Nail Studio



Mrs. Suman Bhagra is the name behind the brand – Nu Look Beauty and Nail Studio based in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.
A renowned Beauty Therapist and a successful business woman has her feet grounded and name established since 30+ Years in the beauty and salon industry. An active participant, contributor and demonstrator & varied Beauty Seminars and Exhibitions in India and abroad; she’s a reservoir of talent and is super multi faceted. Her knowledge, her experience, her love of perfection for things around her makes her stand out in the tough competitive ever-growing beauty business. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but as a Beautician, she and her team at Nu Look Beauty and Nail Studio ensures every eye sees their work as a masterpiece.


Our workday at the salon starts with a quick cleanup of our work-stations and a spray down to ensure all our tools are sanitized. The first client walks in the door, and we make the magic happen.

For new clients, it all starts not with a haircut or a new lipstick, but with a couple of minutes spent getting to know them. What’s their hair type? Skin type? Do they like high- or low-maintenance looks?

After we’ve built a virtual client profile in our head, then we fish out our tools and get on with our work. Hairstylists deal with cutting and fixing hair, Makeup Artists focus on foundation and colorful makeup products, and beauty specialists focus on various body care treatments.

Part art and part science, our job is to decide what looks best on each and every client. We combine these nuggets of wisdom with our flair for style and passion for color. Choosing the perfect palette for a room is one thing, but finding a color palette for a person takes a personal touch that we aim to give you. We promise to give our clients professional service, state of art technologically acclaimed products and treatments, high-end expertise and consultations along with lots of pampering.